Mersey Maritime

  • Project Types

    Refurbishment and fit out

    Old canteen into meeting rooms and break out areas.

    Conversion of basement storage area to electrical apprentice training area.

    Duration of projects

    5 weeks

    Value of projects


  • Mersey Maritime

Mersey Maritime is the representative body for the Maritime sector on Merseyside working on behalf of 1000 companies and 26000 employees.

Because of business development expansion plans there was a requirement to upgrade part of their facilities within the head office at Monk Ferry.

Indicated below are two completely different types of projects in terms of budget, image and operational requirements which were carried out successfully as turnkey projects from design with Local Authority applications through to completion.

The old canteen area was underutilized and in serious need of an upgrade and yet the meeting facilities within the remaining parts of the building were limited but in demand. Proposals were drawn up and accepted to convert the canteen area in line with the required image, into meeting rooms with a break out area that could be used by staff and visitors alike.

An electrical apprenticeship training scheme as part of a new venture was being proposed. It was considered that this would only be successful if it could be housed within the existing building to avoid external costs. A feasibility study was carried out considering and proposing a conversion within the basement area from an old gas training and storage area. The materials used were low cost as this was a startup enterprise and even the wall cladding was specified to be removed and reversed in the future as its primary use was for the trainees to practice fixing dado trunking to it and therefore creating screw holes.

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